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GPrincipal Designer, Faculty of Communication Design
Activity Chairperson, IDS and IP&P
National Institute of Design
Ahmedabad, India

As an Individual:
Inquisitive, patient, and a good listener. After completion of the formal education in Graphics and management, I have been following the trend and thinking beyond it. I prefer to keep myself updated on various topics of my interest and always keen on developing skill and knowledge base, which I believe is a continuous process. I am basically a simple person married twice; to my wife and to my work. I believe that work should be done with quality and in given time. My principle in life is also simple, “to promise less and deliver more”. I was born and brought up in Patna, Bihar.

As a Professor:
I would prefer being known as a student than a teacher, as I learn much more than what I teach from my students, books and experience. As a professor, I believe in sharing of ideas, knowledge and experience and not imposing anything. I want my students to learn and think and my role is to facilitate or guide them. I am more of a friend to my students and believe learning should be in an open, cheerful and positive environment. I generally relate my culturally inclined thinking to the modern and logical approach and look for simple and practical reasons or examples for it. And I believe that professors should also be professionals so that they are always updated, exposed and be more practical and application oriented.

As a Professional:
Being a professor it becomes more easy and interesting to be a professional too. As, I am always interacting with a variety of people from various backgrounds, ideas and experiences and it compliments whichever role I m performing. I believe the most important process in any of my projects is understanding the client. And once, this is through, I wear his shoes, use my head and work that will satisfy and benefit the client the most. Like this, I have done lot of projects, both private and government and both on national and international level.

As a Researcher:
Being a faculty and a Professional, I believe research plays a very crucial role. I prefer to do my own research on whatever topic I m involved with, whether in the classroom, or on a project with the client or of my general interest. I refer to the existing research studies and like to experiment something on my own as well. Its like, “you can’t comment on the food unless you taste it”. For example, I did a very interesting research on traditional designs in Bihar and that has helped me a lot. It also aids cross learning and a novelty to the concept. Incidentally, am also pursuing formal research at the University of CEPT, Ahmedabad on “Form & Color in Retail Experience”.