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As a Researcher:
Being a faculty and a Professional, I believe research plays a very crucial role. I prefer to do my own research on whatever topic I m involved with, whether in the classroom, or on a project with the client or of my general interest. I refer to the existing research studies and like to experiment something on my own as well. Its like, “you can’t comment on the food unless you taste it”. For example, I did a very interesting research on traditional designs in Bihar and that has helped me a lot. It also aids cross learning and a novelty to the concept. Incidentally, am also pursuing formal research at the University of CEPT, Ahmedabad on “Form & Color in Retail Experience”.

  • Document what you do
  • How is More Important than What
  • Learning by Questioning
  • There is no Alternative for Hard Work
  • Questioning is an Art
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As a Researcher: