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As a Professional:
Being a professor it becomes more easy and interesting to be a professional too. As, I am always interacting with a variety of people from various backgrounds, ideas and experiences and it compliments whichever role I m performing. I believe the most important process in any of my projects is understanding the client. And once, this is through, I wear his shoes, use my head and work that will satisfy and benefit the client the most. Like this, I have done lot of projects, both private and government and both on national and international level.

  • Give time to get Quality
  • Be disciplined yet Flexible
  • Culture designs the mind of the designer
  • Know global, Think national, Represent regional and Position oneself
  • Be the spirit of the team not the leader
  • Under promise and over deliver
Work Gallery:

— Identity Design
— Branding
— Projects of National Importance
— Exhibition Projects
— Trophy Design

Identity Design
Oval Project:
MRPL Project:
Projects of National Importance
Coin Collection:
India coin collection India coin collection
India coin collection India coin collection
Exhibition Projects
Trophy Design
Convo Memento 2004
Convo Memento 2004
Dept of Science and Tech Trophy
Dept. of Science & Technology Trophy

Gems and Jewellery Memento
Defense Research & Development Laboratory
Defense Research & Development Laboratory

Gems and Jewellery Trophy
Trophy Design
Council for Scientific & Industrial Research: